Friday, November 20, 2009


ok, so i got the photos back. and i am actually very upset. i think that, all along, i've thought that (forgive me ahead of time, i feel CRAzy punctuation problems coming along) the way I felt inside was somehow reflected on my outsides. hence, my inner pinup girl needed a photoshoot opportunity .

well. evidently, my exterior is not quite as clear on that as I had thought. or maybe my interior is not as clearly pinup as I had believed. its clearly unclear. i had a friend once who called me an ostrich and i thought it funny as i do have a small face and so on. today it is not so funny.

i look like an ostrich. my face, in the 8 hundred thousand pictures I just browsed through is pinched, puny, and very birdlike. I have always had a smile which drifts towards my good ear.. 'the better to hear you with my dear' but in photos I look somewhat handicapped, as though I've had a stroke. I wish to god I were kidding.

so there it is. its not that good a day to see yourself like this. i need a little more time to process it and then i'll share the non-face parts of the photos because i have great legs. if nothing else, i have great legs.