Sunday, November 22, 2009

too much with us

late and soon.
its a refrain that always rings around the rosy of my head after a long night and a spousal fight.
in this case, i was fighting by myself... yelling at the kids trying to get them to bed by 11. yes, thats right. 11. p.m. children, 2 and 4 years old. they completely kicked my ass and i lost my mind. when my hub came in from his 'walk down the block', i was screaming, felt like throwing the little one into a wall and could not stop the scream. i slept on the sofa, i was so upset- with myself, my kids and my J.
and i am not a single mother.
i'm not.
i have felt overwhelmed... certainly. but, at the end of the day... there is someone coming home. and that is all the difference and so here's my shout out to anyone who is a single parent and has not killed their child. and not only have you not killed your child, you have managed to love them, and let them know of your wild love... I can't believe it. You should all be given warm cookies every day, an enormous hug full of love and sustenance for those long nights and maybe a bunch of money. a bunch.
and then, more love. you should be given more love, and time to do with it what you will.
so rockon mammas. (and dads too, if you be out there) .


Jen said...

YES. Yes yes yes. I agree.