Monday, November 2, 2009

i am in love with onions.

seriously, baked. fried. baked. sauteed. raw. diced, minced!, chunked. anyway you think of it, i am in love with the onion. all the types. the sweet vidalia, tangy red, tiny pearl. there is a special place in my onion heart for the shallot. oh lord. and to think of carmelizing is literally to set my mouth asweat .

oh god. ROASTED! how could i forget roasted? in the pan with all the fantastic vegetables, under the roasting meat?!! oh my god.
i am on the floor.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Creamed onions? They are the joke of my family's Thanksgiving table because no one under the age of 55 eats them. NO ONE!

Athena said...

Don't forget to thin slice the onion (preferably a red one), saute in oil til translucent, then add 1 T. sugar and a pat of butter and saute for another minute or two. Carelized onions. Great on pizza, toast, or crackers with goat cheese. Yum.

Anne said...

I read a recipe for roasted onions and blue cheese... could you think of anything better? I'll try to find it and post if for you!!

Kate Hall said...

oh my god. tonight, IN SOUP!! not even french onion, although that is an alltime dream... but dreamy. want the bluecheese one anne, and athena, i am all over the pizza though simultaneously guilty because the kids won't eat it. sign me up for the creamed ones. if you do it in tomato sauce they turn amber. hallelujah to the onion.