Friday, November 20, 2009

still bored, but posting AGAIN anyways.

one of the difficulties of this writing every day thing is that it does not allow one to anonymously take those few days off that one needs when you know, life goes to hell temporarily. and it sure as hell does go to hell rather frequently around here. I'm glad to be doing it, this writing thing, but I feel a bit forced ! and that is just part of a MUCH larger problem of being the 'pleaser' type. even though i feel like i've spent much of my adult life moving away from that... its still there. (I think I was thinking of that with the whole plea to Disney. Girls have it bad enough without having to watch the split-up of the psyche on tv. leave us alone.)

its one of the blessings behind my hearing loss, while it is extremely difficult for me, sometimes to interrupt or to beg for repetition... it does have a way of begging for straight talk... no bullshit. I don't have time or the inclination to struggle to understand someone if all they are going to do is talk 'namby pamby'. can't waste my life with that today. don't make me fucking waste my life.

i'm tired. my kids have 'itchy' bums... still no flu so i guess we are fine or something. but evidently, itchy bums make one have fitful sleep, and there is a four year old who sleeps in my bed and boy is fitful. FIT FULLLLL..


this new place said...

I have hearing loss and often am grateful for what I CAN'T hear, especially some of the things my kids do or say that are complaining or fighting...I mean, if I can't hear it, I can't try to fix it and then they just work it out themselves, ya know? But still, I am with you on the gibberish that people say, when I say, "just speak the words clearly, and face me so I can read your damn lips!" See? (oh yes, the itchy bum. nothing worse than having them go to bed and then have them come out again with that complaint!!