Thursday, November 5, 2009

NoMo PoPo

I'm going to try and post something every day this month, as it seems like there are tons of contests and so ons for bloggers to do something like that. They all have wierd names like NoNoWriMo or somesuch and since I really can't join a group that stands by or under a name like that, I am just going to see what it is like to have a goal and use it as a crutch. (I've gotten some kind of ticket each week for the past few weeks and that is why I am all in favor of NoMo POPO)

Yesterday was Looong and the day before that? even longer. I have been battling against the desire to get things done. and by that, I mean, the kids have been battling against my desire to get things done. IT took me nearly 30 minutes to get plastic, and cover the bathroom leakyair window. This is a small window, the process of taping the plastic up is one I could do with my eyes closed because I have done it so many freaking times. that said, when the almost two year old decides to help by investigating the materials. . . oooh scissors, lets see what happens if i put the tape into the toilet, oooooh plastic. . . this mom nearly lost (forget that, totally DID lose) her marbles.

and its my own damn fault. why the hell did I care whether the freaking plastic got on the window, Right then? why? who the hell gives a shit if the plastic is on then, or maybe the next day when said babyboy actually naps? stupid expectations! stupid!

chill out.

plan maybe, but stop freaking losing your shit . thats me talking to myself.
Maybe this'll be the shortest term goal of the month, i'm not sure I want to hear myself spontaneously blather, like, did you read the last few posts? my GOD, i'm not sure I want to hear myself spontaneously blather! awkward girl must make some sort of plan. must.

and then last night i did a wild thing which did NOT work out the way I wanted it to. I'll have plenty to write about for awhile. lets leave it there. and someone get Chakra CaROL on the phone.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Is it better to have a plan and then have plan shot to hell by the children or is it better to try and get things done when the idea hits and then deal with the consequences? This is my existential crisis.

Athena said...

I want to hear about the wild thing that didn't work out. come on. whisper it in my ear...i promise not to tell ;-)