Saturday, November 14, 2009

creeepy numbers

so, i'm trying to make up my mind about this statistics counter thing that you can add to your blog. i added it originally at super sister's suggestion because she kept telling me that people WERE reading it, and even liking it. BUT now, I check it almost more than I check who has written what, or how the laundry is doing, or whether the kids are Really hurt or just faking... really. and this is what makes this creepy. I can find out who it was, or at least, from what address... I just discovered this the other day, I can click on a button/line item and see a map of where the people have come from... hello BRAZIL!! Bom DIA!
but also, when playing, saw my sister's law firm pop up. Now she's so cool she's not even a lawyer or a secretary but that IS where she works, and that sort of creeped me out. If I can do this (who barely owns a stereo, no iPod ((although i blame hearing for that one)), no wish to understand twitter and no real understanding of why people like Wiiiiiii.) than just think what technologically savvy people can do... I'm not a crazy conspiracy person really, although I do worry about the encroachment of GPS on our lives... :)
So, I'm thinking about it... and I'm seriously committed to the every day in November goal, but I am really out of things to say. Maybe I'll just talk about my kids and the funny things they say.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Well, now you get to see how regularly I check your blog. (What you don't get to see is how happy I am that you write!) For some reason though, my google reader thing doesn't update when you have a new post so I need to check periodically to see if it is there (in case it appears that I stalk you!)

Athena said...

my belly does a little flip-flop every time I see a famailiar town pop up on my sitemeter...yikes.

Kate Hall said...

hee hee. local yokel . caught on tape, and all that.