Monday, November 30, 2009

Life in the Pictures

over the weekend we had the uber-family dinner (yes, sweetpotatomarshmellow showed.) and my folks had made a big spread of photos and papers that noone could part with but no one knows what to do with. There's so much history and nobody can absorb it all.. what do we do with all of our grasping, afterall? Many times I've told myself that there aren't any 'things' which can truly represent a relationship, not rings, not quilts, not photos... but damn, look at my grammie as a young woman here.. a child, a young mother... what is amazing to me is that I can still learn about her, through conversations and yes, through these photos... and I can also learn about my aunts and uncles as they talk about, avoid, negate and discuss their own places in these photos... large places, even if their role is to give a name to a face. who wields the pen? and so forth.
I love the food, I love the prep, but I mostly love sitting around afterwards and talking or listening as the case may be. I love my cousins, but I love my older family members very much.

(they have learned about this blog so its really a test case to see if they did read it... wonder what love I'll get this year... hehe. ) but not really.


thisnewplace said...

love the photos, I have barrels of photos of my parents, grandparent and even further back...these remind me to get them out sometime soon. I too, love the sitting around after the meal and hanging out talking to family. We were doing that this weekend, commenting on how folks don't do it as often as they used we are making a concerted effort to do more "visiting".