Friday, November 13, 2009

No poo and an ode to sugar

we're trying to give up shampoo over here, part of the 'no poo' movement which does not involve constipation of any type. Since I only shower once a week (I am not kidding. it is a choice.), hubby has born the brunt of 'our' new routine of baking soda shampoo with a cidervinegar rinse once a week or so. . . he looks clean to me. I look the same. but hey, it cleans our hair and the drains all at once, how can this be bad? Cost is literally the least of reasons to do it, its for the health of our hair and while I am quite devoted to Pantene, I cannot make out the names of all its ingredients and somehow that just seems wierd to do to our household. I am working on simplifying. -go ahead and ask me if I've ever read the ingredient list on the swedish fish. go ahead.
duh. no. i'm no moron. I don't even want to know, I'm a junkie... I just want the sugary chew ... the hope everlasting... the promise of a better day, a better way...

*today i overloaded on the strawberry jelly and a tiny box of milk duds. I'm on my way up the mountain, getting better but not quite at the top..