Friday, November 27, 2009

one of those things. . .

I completely stand by the roasted sweet potatoes wrapped in proscuitto. COmpleted me, they did. In the future, the wedges should be more temperately sized and that is all. Also, on the story of the roasted onions? (which you know nothing about because that is all part of my interior monologue) fantastic w garlic, ginger and a drizzle of soy at the end.... and ultra scarily simple. SIMPLE. It was an incredible dinner. really.

I'm hoping that Saturday with the big family spread gives me more of that childlike feeling of thanksgiving though. When I'm hosting I'm too concerned with timing, husband's sobriety or lackof, forgotten food items, children's behavior or lackof, etc. yah? Its not anyone else's agenda but mine own, and it still manages to get away from me.

So I'm hoping that Saturday I can be more relaxed, a second chance to ignore the kids and gorge myself on simple goodness and hear my dad tell the story of the pitcher he picked up at my table, that he recognized only in the physical memory of picking it up as the same he'd had at his own childhood table. I picked it up off Grammie's glassware shelf after she died and they were cleaning out the house. nondescript but for its beautiful shape. hallelujah for instinctive grabs.

okay, i'm off to decorate the house and make brownies for the neighbors with the boys in tow... maybe baby_ maybe.


thisnewplace said...

I MUST have the recipe for the onion!!!!

Kate Hall said...

the onion recipe is posted for today's post, as per request... :)